Rank Player Points
1 Tyrone Jones 6651
2 Malcolm D Mc Rae 6564
3 Ryan Thornhill 5476
4 Michael W Morgan 4900
5 Jeff Garrett 4740
6 Ashlea D Mason 4198
7 David Deason 4026
8 Kevin C Downing 3660
9 Nicholas S Johnsn 3171
10 Sam Bennett 3004
11 Justin Gisgir 2352
12 Will Ruggiero 2333
13 Jerry D Tyner 2207
14 Michael T Terrell 2143
15 Dedrick Carpenter 2011
16 Travis J Smith 2007
17 Jacque Coward 1906
18 Ray Shuff 1887
19 Sopheack Yath 1885
20 Jeff Heddings 1862
21 Mike Hansen 1743
22 Joe Benjamin 1649
23 Ron Vanscoy 1613
24 Patty Wysong 1587
25 Sonny Patel 1469

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Welcome to the
Extreme Poker Tour

If you're ready to take your seat at the table then Extreme Poker Tour is the place to be for all the most exciting tournaments and venues! We currently have weekly games running in Georgia, Alabama and Florida with new venues added all the time.

In addition to our weekly games, Extreme Poker Tour partners with our location venues to provide monthly, quarterly and regional tournaments.

All Extreme Poker Tour tournaments are No-Limit Texas Hold’em!

Are you ready to get in on the action? Are you prepared to pit your poker skills against others in your area? Signing up is easy, fast and FREE!

Need MORE poker in your life?

Extreme Poker Tour is proud to introduce Carbon Poker as it's Exclusive online sponsor! Carbon Poker offers special benefits and offers to EPT members. Sign up for Carbon Poker and update your EPT member profile TODAY!

Click HERE read all about them. Check out some of the highlights below!

Special Carbon Poker Benefits

Exclusive weekly Sunday night tournaments at 8pm(EST) for EPT “only” players! This tournament will require a buy-in of $5.50 and will payout based on number of participants.

There will also be re-buys in the weekly tournaments which will increase the prize pool and make this tournament even more attractive.The weekly Sunday night online tournaments will start Sunday, September 28th.

Carbon Poker will also give you a 200% sign-up bonus for your first deposit up to $600.00 using code: EXTREMEBONUS600! Please make sure you get registered and also update your EPT profile to reflect your Carbon Poker Username in the designated fields as this information will be needed when issuing invites for the monthly freerolls.

Monthly $2,000 freeroll tournaments exclusively for Extreme Poker Tour players!